Maestro 189 Ski - PANDA

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Product Description

size: 189


Maestro Promo from BluehouseSkis on Vimeo.

What is the Maestro?

The rocker tip and tail profile of the Maestro allows it to be surfy and smearable like rockered skis without giving up the ability to lay a carve into a groomed face.  This ski is the hybrid between traditionally cambered skis and rockered skis.   The result is a ski that can do it all with a new style. 

Is the Maestro a Good Ski for Me?

The Maestro is the do it all and do it in style ski.  The ski is fat enough to enjoy the super deep days and shaped just right enabling it as the most maneuverable ski in the mountains.  This ski is easy to turn and 100% impossible not to enjoy.

Backcountry skiers and resort skiers alike have both raved over the Maestro.  At 117 mm underfoot, this fat ski can handle any condition. Are you hitting jumps and landing switch?  The Maestro is for you.  Are you taking a ski vacation and looking for something to enjoy powder skiing?  The Maestro is for you.  Are you looking for a fatty to mount some touring bindings on?  The Maestro is for you.  If you’re looking for a ski that is going to leave you grinning from ear to ear at the end of the day, the Maestro is the ski for you!

Same Materials, Same Construction, DIFFERENT PRICE!

The Bluehouse Maestro (134-118-131) has been product tested and compared to the following models of similar dimensions:

Atomic Bent Chetler (142-123-134) 

Rossignol S7 (145-115-123) 

Line EP Pro (153-127-150) 

K2 Hellbent (150-122-141) 

Armada JJ (136-115-133) 

Similar to many of these big name models, Bluehouse uses high quality construction materials- ABS plastic sidewalls, p-tex plastic bases, wood cores, steel edges and carbon stringers.  Bluehouse Ski Co. also offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing related defect.  See warranty page for details.  In addition, Factory Direct Skis offers free shipping, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which allows you to place your order, receive the skis for inspection, feel, flex, and prove to yourself that these skis are a good fit you.



Maestro Promo from BluehouseSkis on Vimeo.

Testimonials reviews

“The Maestro makes skiing fun again.  This was my first experience on an early rise ski and I don’t think I will ever go back.  I can turn on a dime and enjoy the powder like I could never before.  I can ski tight trees and never miss a beat.  I can even carve turns on groomers and that is fun too.  Overall, I love the Maestro and can’t wait for the snow to fly again!”

Rob Benson, Alta UT


“I never realized that skiing powder could be so easy!  The Maestro allows me to go anywhere and ski anything.  Variable snow, powder or packed groomers…. it’s all good with the Maestro.  I also love to hit jumps, spin and land switch on these babies!”

-Smitty Monson, Snowbird UT


“The Maestro makes a great all-around ski.  It’s soft enough to be fun for buttering and stable enough for charging some more aggressive lines.  The is the best ski to spin on and definitely the best ski for fun pow lines.  The rockered tail allows for effortless floating and lightening quick turns through tight trees.”

–Taylor Lyman, Bluehouse Athlete, Snowbird UT



Additional Information

List Price for Bundles 249
Length 189 cm
Dimensions 189 cm; 134-118-131
Radius 21.1 m
Construction Torsion Box Sidewall
Tail Rocker
Core Bamboo/Carbon Stringers
Base Ptex
Recommended Use Powder, All-Mountain
Weight 9 lbs 13 oz per pair
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Binding Included No
Flex Medium-Stiff, Aggressive
Running Length 112 cm
Camber Rocker Tip & Tail, Flat underfoot

Maestro 189 Ski - PANDA