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size: 189

Bluehouse Maven from BluehouseSkis on Vimeo.

What is the Maven?

The Maven is king of the deep.  Boss of the blower.  What does this mean?  When you want to float, step in and enjoy.

The Maven creates a new skiing experience for anyone who has never ridden a non-traditionally cambered ski.  The Maven is flat underfoot which means there is no camber.  Not “rockered” but not traditional either.  When you hear “rockered” ski, you should think of the rockers of a rocking chair.  A zero-camber ski, like the Maven, blends the two rides (camber and rockered) into the perfect board for resort powder, choppy powder and untracked backcountry powder conditions.  The flat camber and early-rise tail allows the rider to turn on a dime in thick trees and tight lines.  The early-rise in the tip allows for effortless floating.  An aggressive flex, stiffer than all competitors provides control and confidence at any speed.  With 139 millimeters of ski under foot, this ski wants to stomp.


Is the Maven a Good Pair of Skis for Me?

The Maven is for the skier who loves to get off the groomed runs and ski powder.  When you’re skiing the Maven, the frozen earth beneath your skis will disappear.  Four new inches of snow will feel like eight.  Eight will feel like twelve.  And with 12 inches of new snow, you won’t feel a thing other than the wind and snow in your face.

The Maven is for backcountry skiers and resort skiers.  Even when snow hasn’t fallen in a few days, the side-cut on the Maven allows for exciting carving and the stiff flex provides stability for aggressive skiers to really charge.  The early-rise tail allows riders to ski and land jumps backwards making the ski a popular backcounty jibbing ski.

Both young and older skiers love the Maven.  The Maven’s versatility makes it a fun ski for everyone.  It is extremely maneuverable and easy to control in all conditions.

The Maven is the pair of skis to buy if you’re ready for something bigger.  If you’re shopping for a new ski that is going to get you back in tune with the latest and greatest in the ski industry, the Maven is the way to go.  It’s time to find out why non-traditionally cambered skis are so popular in the industry.  Skiing powder has never been so enjoyable.  The Maven will allow you to push your limits and improve like never before.  The early-rise design allows you to conserve energy, therefore getting more runs and leave you smiling the entire winter!


Same Materials, Same Construction, DIFFERENT PRICE!

The Bluehouse Maven (154-139-151) has been product tested and compared to the following models of similar dimensions:

Volkl Chopsticks (148-128-148)

Line EP pro (153-127-150)

K2 Hellbent (150-122-141)

K2 Pontoons (160-120-130)

Fatypus Alotta (172-140-158)

Moment Comi-kazi (160-136-145)

Similar to many of these big name models, Bluehouse uses high quality construction materials- ABS plastic sidewalls, p-tex plastic bases, wood cores, steel edges and carbon stringers.  Bluehouse Ski Co. also offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing related defect.  See warranty page for details.  In addition, Factory Direct Skis offers free shipping, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which allows you to place your order, receive the skis for inspection, feel, flex, and prove to yourself that these skis are a good fit for you.


Testimonials reviews

 “I didn’t think that a ski could make such a difference in my ability to ski until I skied the Maven.  Instantly I felt more certain in my ability to ski wherever I wanted to ski.  I could turn these as fast as my old skinny skis and I could actually rip turns down the entire bowl.   Thanks Bluehouse!”

-Tommy Harrison, New York


“The first time I skied the Maven, there was about 6 inches of new snow.  The skiing was so great that I didn’t believe the weather report.  The next day I skied, Snowbird was only reporting 4 inches of snowfall overnight.  Again, I was amazed.  These skis are soooo fun!  They just float and float and float and they’re so fun to ski!  They ski fast because they definitely want to stay on top.  Since those first few days of disbelief, I’ve skied them in all conditions.  While they’re not my favorite on hard pack days, they’re easy enough to turn that they’re still enjoyable.  Can’t wait to ride what Bluehouse comes up with next.”

-Derrick Clark, Utah


“This is seriously the most enjoyable thing I've ever strapped to my feet and I've hauled them up a few proud lines in the San Juans already and impressed myself and my friends to no end.  I don't think I'll ever carry another ski up a mountain.”

-Greg Fuller, Colorado


“All of my friends were talking about how cool rockered and zero-camber skis were.  I just couldn’t justify spending $800 for a pair of skis.  Then I found Bluehouse and got my Mavens for half of what similar skis sell for.  This is the best deal for new skis that are sick!  Now I ski powder like it’s supposed to be skied.”

Rich Romney, Utah

Additional Information

Length 189cm
Dimensions 189cm; 154-139-151
Radius 22.9m
Construction Torsion Box Sidewall
Tail Rocker
Core Bamboo/Carbon Stringers
Base Ptex
Recommended Use Powder, All-Mountain
Weight 10lbs 1oz
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Binding Included No
Flex Stiff-Aggressive
Running Length 112 cm
Camber Zero-Camber, Rockered Tip & Tail